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The Barnes Files, an essay series. 

Friends of the Barnes Foundation produces an essay series in cooperation with The Main Line Times, in Ardmore, Pennsylvania to engage people to think about the history and fate of the Barnes Foundation in Merion. 


“Pardon My Optimism, but Fresh Ideas Can Work (If You Let Them)” by Evelyn Yaari
It was interesting to read Barnes Foundation General Counsel Phyllis Beck’s explanation of why the Barnes Foundation is no more accessible now than it has been since 1998 despite real opportunities to improve it.
Full Essay


"For Better Accessibility to the Barnes Foundation, Take Down the Smokescreens" by Evelyn Yaari
Improved access to the Barnes Foundation is a popular, sometimes heated item for discussion. There are those who would have us believe that the Barnes is blocked to all but a privileged few. In fact, it is open to everyone.
Full Essay


More Than an Art Collection” by Sandy Bressler
People say, “What’s wrong with moving the Barnes art collection to Philadelphia?  It will stay intact and remain in the region.”  This line of thinking ignores the fact that the Barnes is much more than an art collection. 
Full Essay


Barnes and Education” by Jay Raymond
It is my contention that those in favor of moving the art cannot understand what sort of education Dr. Barnes nurtured and intended, for if they did, this plan to move the art would make them weep, as I do when I contemplate what will be lost.
Full Essay


Eakins, Barnes, and a Great City” by Evelyn Yaari and Sandy Bressler
Great cities celebrate and protect their cultural heritage.  Rather than move the Barnes art collection to Philadelphia, let a shuttle bus move visitors from Philadelphia to the Barnes.  On the return trip, they would see an exquisite panorama of a truly great city, a generous city that acts wisely and honorably with the region’s artistic legacies.
Full Essay


A Grateful Student” by Michelle Osborn
I’m a graduate of Smith College, I learned Spanish at the University of Madrid… yet the most exciting educational experience of my long life was at the Barnes Foundation in Merion, PA.
Full Essay


Hostile Neighbors or Concerned Citizens?” by Evelyn Yaari
In June of last year, I joined Friends of the Barnes Foundation, the organization opposing the plan to move the artwork of the Barnes from Merion to Philadelphia and decided to throw myself into a personal street campaign…
Full Essay


Visionary Collectors” by Nancy Herman                             
When the average Philadelphian was of the opinion that Modigliani was an exotic pasta, that nothing African could be considered ‘art’ and that Renoir was a pornographer, Albert C. Barnes was collecting this art.
Full Essay


A Civic-Minded Woman” by Margot Flaks                         
Its Merion location is as much a part of the Barnes as its art and there is no other place quite like it. Once destroyed, there can be no willing it back.
Full Essay


Missing in Action -The Attorney General” by Aram Jerrehian
The Attorney General is missing in action.  Not Tennessee’s Attorney General…But rather, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, whose office is charged with overseeing nonprofit corporations and reviewing the actions of trustees of trust.
Full Essay


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